Players Signing Up With WWBL’s Website

1. At the top right-hand corner, click Sign Up
2. Enter ALL information (Nickname is not required)
3. Read Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
4. Once finished reading, check box acknowledging terms are read and agreed upon
5. An email will be sent to confirm address with further instructions to complete registration

Registering Your Team

1. Click Register Team located at the top right-hand corner
2. Type in Team Name
3. Select a Division requesting to be placed in
4. An email will be sent with further instructions
5. Once confirmation has been received, please add your team roster (Players must be registered first in order to be added to a team)
6. Type in player’s name and name will drop down to choose
7. Click Add Player to the right of the box
8. Click Edit Roster to enter in jersey number of player
9. Save Changes

Thank You!!

Various icons used from the Silk Icons library.