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The Winnipeg Women's Basketball League, formerly the Winnipeg Senior Women's Basketball League, is an all-women, all-volunteer league with players ages 18 and up from Winnipeg and surrounding areas. In 2011-2012 we had a total of 28 teams with approximately 300 players in the league. We are a member of Basketball Manitoba and are proud to provide women in Manitoba with the opportunity to continue their love for the sport!

To facilitate the further development and expansion of our league and women's basketball in Manitoba, we have endorsed the following goals:

- Grow league by 2 teams per year
- Increase league awareness through a WWBL operated spring basketball league and improved visibility in Manitoba high schools
- Continue fundraising to ensure league financial viability and allow for league marketing & promotion, league sponsored events and regular wage increases for our minor officials

As a long term goal, the WWBL hopes to increase league size to 6 divisions with a minimum of 8 teams per division.

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