Help & FAQ

What can Redzone Leagues do for you?

Redzone is an online web application that provides you with online registration, schedule management, and team statistics.

We make team management easy, so you can spend less time organizing, and more time on the field. Take the tour to see what Redzone can do for you.

How much does Redzone cost?

Redzone is free!

What are the system requirements to use Redzone Leagues?

All you need is an Internet connection and a modern web browser. Redzone is hosted on our servers so there is nothing for you to install. You can control your entire league from your web browser!

Is our data backed up?

We backup all Redzone Leagues data multiple times a day. We do this automatically and you never have to worry about this.

Can I install Redzone Leagues on my own server?

Redzone Leagues is only available as a hosted product on our servers. By doing so, our users don't have to worry about maintaining servers, backups, security, and everything else that is annoying about hosting websites.

Is Redzone Leagues available in other languages besides English?

At this time Redzone Leagues is only available in English. There are no additional languages planned for the near future, but we will consider adding more languages if there is a demand for it.

I have a domain name like already, can I use this to point to my Redzone web site?

Absolutely! Click here to learn more about how we handle domain names.

Do you offer phone support?

We do not offer phone support, although we do offer email support. All emails by Redzone staff will be done by someone with expert knowledge about how Redzone Leagues works. Most support questions will be answered within a few hours. We don't outsource our support to anybody.

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